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Verna, Goa Quality Assurance

26 Sep 2021

Verna, Goa

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Full Time


2 years

Behind every great software developer is an equally great tester. Once a product reaches a certain point in its development the developers must hand it over to the tester to see if it works (or doesn't work).

Testing plays an important role in the development of new IT programmes and many every day products, like cars and electronic goods.

So, what will I actually be doing?

It's your job to work as hard as you can to 'break' the new product to help the design process. You'll work closely with software designers and programme managers to understand more about what each product is meant to do, its key features and who will use it.

Then you'll run functional tests, customer scenario testing, stress testing, performance testing, scalability testing and international testing. The ultimate goal is to iron out any bugs and improve the quality of the finished product. You'll often be working on more than one project at a time, one product in first phase testing and another in its second or final phase. This means you'll work around the demands of the project rather than the clock.

OK, I'm interested... But is it really the job for me?

Software experience and knowledge is a given to work as a software tester.Other skills that employers will look for include:

  • A good understanding of the software development process
  • A good understanding of the business approach
  • Good judgment skills
  • Good writing skills (for documenting the process)
  • Good communications and consultancy skills
  • The ability to work in a team and as an individual
  • Good presentation skills
  • The ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Expertise in Test Case Design, Test Execution and Defect Management.
  • Should have minimum 2+ years of experience Automation QA using selenium with framework design.
  • Manual And Automation QA - Selenium / MSTest Suite.